Protect Your Kia’s Resale Value

Getting a dent or scratch on your Kia is inevitable. It happens in the time it takes a truck to flick a small stone onto your windscreen. A bit of superficial damage could just as easily happen to your interior and negatively affect the resell value of your Kia.

A trolley bumps your Carnival as you fill its massive boot with your shopping. Your Sorento’s rim gets scuffed as you go off-roading. A zipper scratches or tears your new Sportage’s seat. So many things can happen to cause superficial damage to your Kia.

The cause of superficial damage
Exterior damage
Not all exterior damage is equally worrisome. A trolley bump’s dent and scratch, for example, is far more noticeable than scratch swirls left by the hard grit in the cloth your Kia gets cleaned with.

When scratches don’t penetrate all the way to the metal of your car, it’s safe to assume there won’t be any lasting damage like corrosion, but it is a constant eyesore. A small chip on your windscreen though can quickly become a large crack and a costly window replacement.

Whether you have an eyesore or potential major damage, getting these small scratches, dents, and chips fixed quickly just gives you more peace of mind.

Interior damage
A car is made to be driven, and the interior made to be used. Your centre console will get scratches and scuffs as you use it. Your gear knob’s paint can fade. Upholstery can get worn, scratched, or torn.

Superficial damage won’t change your Kia’s fuel efficiency. It won’t alter the drive experience, but it does take away some of the visual appeal. The wow that made you fall in love with it. And that’s what’s part of the issue when you want to resell.

The effect of superficial damage
The resell value
One of the first things a potential buyer does when they look at any car, new or secondhand, is walk around and check the bodywork. They open the doors and feel the upholstery. Appraise the look and feel of the car.

If you resell your car privately, it can give the potential buyer good motivation to haggle down the price. If you sell to a secondhand dealer, it can cause your car to receive a lower valuation and price for it. The buyer will not only find your car less appealing; they also have to reckon into their budget possible repair costs.

The solution to superficial damage
The interior and exterior protection
RenewTech helps you to keep your Kia looking like the day you bought it. Whether you got a stone chip, a light scratch or a minor dent, it can get fixed or repaired immediately ensuring the damage doesn’t snowball. And when you eventually get around to reselling your Kia, no one will be able to fault its looks.

Enjoy the space to move and outrun limits in your Kia. We’ve got your Kia’s interior and exterior protected. No compromises. Just movement that inspires.